Synchronize traffic lights to avoid traffic jams

To accelerate the speed of street traffic, the city of Los Angeles (USA) has synchronized about 4,000 traffic lights, and is the first city in the world to install this system.

Picture 1 of Synchronize traffic lights to avoid traffic jams
Traffic jam is a problem in Los Angeles - (Photo: AFP)

San Francisco may be testing smart cars, but Los Angeles still wrestles with terrible traffic.

According to The New York Times, the Los Angeles government decided to rely on an automated computer system to manage traffic lights across the city.

Magnetic sensors at street corners will transfer online information about traffic status to the central system, thereby predicting where congestion will occur.

If you adjust the signal time, it can help speed up the circulation, the software or the operator can act immediately.

After 30 years of design and deployment, the plan has finally been applied, and the fact that the speed of traffic has changed positively, for example, only 17.2 seconds compared to the previous 20 seconds to Drive for 9km.

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