Software helps reduce traffic congestion

Recently, Zhenjiang City, China, has installed a software from IBM to enable efficient traffic management.

It not only shows the problems that are happening but also helps users react to those situations.

Use multiple GPS data sources from taxis, buses and mobile phones, along with local camera systems, sensors near traffic lights and even the Twitter source, this central system Create real-time GPS maps of all vehicles involved in traffic. From that data, people can find ways to fix it before the congestion occurs.

Picture 1 of Software helps reduce traffic congestion
Traffic jams in Shanghai (Photo: BrokenSphere / Wikimedia Commons)

Vinohd Swaminathan, IBM's intelligent transport solutions manager, said the IBM system in Tran Giang helps predict 95% of what will happen within the next hour.

China is not the only country testing this system. Currently, there are many cities around the world that are using similar software.

In California, people can subscribe to their cell phone location for convenience when traveling. Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) uses a weather forecast device operating on a small scale (1km 2 ), helping authorities recognize disasters.

Such intelligent systems are becoming an integral part of many parts of the world, Swaminathan stressed.

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