Starfish clones run away

Starfish are echinoderms capable of "cleavage". At low tide, we often see on the beach or in the rocks of the animals with our hands, looking like a 5-pointed star. That is starfish.

Picture 1 of Starfish clones run away Starfish are echinoderms capable of "cleavage". (Photo: reef.geddis) The starfish body has five symmetrical branches (or multiples of 5), when moving these branches as legs. When being crushed by a rock or pinned down by an enemy, it automatically cuts off that leg to run . Starfish have a strong ability to regenerate, only after a period of time the severely injured branch grows as long.

The back of the starfish is slightly bulky, yellow or orange, the belly is flat, with the mouth, the color is beautiful. Starfish are carnivorous marine animals, who like to eat shellfish such as clams, oysters, mussels, etc. When food is lacking, they eat all the same, even eat their descendants.

Starfish have an edible tendon with a hard shell. When a clam is caught, it grabs its prey tightly to hold its prey until the scallop cannot stand it anymore, when the two shells open, the starfish will multiply the digestive secretion to paralyze the prey, Reach the stomach out of your mouth and put it in the gap between the two pieces of shell, slowly digesting the oyster meat. Therefore, starfish is a harmful animal of raising mussels and oysters. Many fishermen hate starfish stealing their clam shellfish, eating their bait. When they caught the starfish, they cut it into pieces and threw it into the sea, but as such, the starfish gave rise to rapid growth as they were able to regenerate very strongly .

Picture 2 of Starfish clones run away
Structure of Starfish (Photo:

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