Superconducting tape can help create wind power at a lower cost

You can see wind turbines with smaller sizes but with greater efficiency.

According to Engadget, the development of wind power is still limited, in part because of the high cost of manufacturing turbines . You may need up to a ton of rare earth elements on each turbine.

Picture 1 of Superconducting tape can help create wind power at a lower cost
New materials will make future wind turbine production costs much cheaper.

However, future wind turbine production costs may be much cheaper.The EU-backed EcoSwing project recently upgraded a Danish wind turbine with superconducting tape to reduce the amount of rare earth elements to about 1kg. That not only significantly reduces the cost (down from $ 45.50 / kg to $ 18.70 / kg) but it also reduces the weight and size of the turbine. You can produce a turbine with a traditional turbine capacity but only half the weight.

The new material is made using a ceramic superconductor with carbide-barium-copper oxide , with a steel strip in the back and protected outside through magnesium oxide and silver layers. And cooling is not a problem with new technology - the EcoSwing group uses the same type of cryo coolant you often see in an MRI scanner.

Technology is still in the testing phase. The next step is a stronger designed turbine, making the most of the technology to be as small as possible. If the tests are successful, it could reduce the cost of building wind farms and make this type of energy more accessible to users.

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