The legend of the uniquely valuable stone coffin is found in a unique ancient tomb

The beautiful stone sarcophagus was found in a unique ancient tomb that experts say it may take 10 years to complete and the incredible value of the construction cost. And what's even more amazing is that it's not of any kings or officials .

At the beginning of the new century, in order to cooperate with the expansion project of Yanbei Normal University (Yanbei) in China, Dai Dong Archaeological Research Institute, Shanxi Province has conducted the exploitation of cultural relics in the area. newly acquired land, a total of 11 tombs of the Northern Wei Dynasty have been found, including five tombs built of bricks, and archaeologists have found a stone coffin with carved styles belonging to The palace is extremely sophisticated from one of the tombs. 

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How much manpower and property are needed to create such a unique coffin?

 According to research, the tombs of the Northern Wei DynastyExcavated this time is located 3.5 km to the east of Dai Dong urban area, on the sloping slope south of Mount Ma Pho (Mapu) and east of the Ngu Ha River (Yuhe), altitude above sea level. is 1071 meters. Initially, the archeological team found a steep tomb south of the tomb, 61 meters long. The top entrance of the tomb is a bit narrower than the base of the tomb, the slope is smooth, 17 meters long and the slope is 14 °. The tomb was built of bricks, the four walls tilted slightly inward, and there were eye-catching murals, one of which depicted the tomb's departure: outstretched arms, supported by servants on either side. take, show a noble. The strokes on the paintings are neat and fluid, coherent, consistent and full of rhythm, the characters are shaped in standard, gorgeous costumes, very beautiful and sophisticated painting style.

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The strokes on the pictures are neat and flexible.

The best thing about the mausoleum is a stone sarcophagus in the center. There are three small tombs inside, one deep, four pillars, 1.8 meters high, octagonal, carved with dragons and lotus covered, an ancient architectural element, the entire interior of the tomb is also Luxury as a palace.

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The stone sarcophagus is 3.56 meters long and 2.05 meters wide, the exterior is carved with lotus flower and the traditional figures of exorcism exude solemnity.

Unfortunately, this tomb has been touched by religious leaders. Although when found, the scene inside was very messy, but the beautiful stone sarcophagus still surprised everyone. On the stone coffin were two human skeletons and a silver bracelet, according to archaeologists, the bones of a man over 50 years old, and a female who was not under 45 years old. Tracing the inscription in the tomb, it is known that the owner was the couple Tong Thieu To (Song Shaozu) , a major god of the Northern Wei Dynasty during the Thai Hoa year.

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Precise and precise stone carving technique.

The Northern Wei dynasty, from the first year (389) to the 18th Thai Hoa year of Hieu Van De (494 years) was a regime founded by the Tien Ti (Xianbei) - a nomadic people in the North Central. National and existed for nearly a century. The precise and meticulous carving of the cliffs and the décor shown in the tomb are thought to inherit the central plain wood architecture, while also reflecting the unique art style of the time.

However, in ancient times technology was not developed. According to experts' estimates, creating this stone coffin is not an easy task, it takes dozens of skilled craftsmen to work for eight consecutive years with the carving of the coffin. rock. Plus the interior of the mausoleum, it takes at least ten years to complete. Its value in food terms at that time was equivalent to the diet of 100 cypress families in a year.

During the Southern and Northern dynasties, the Northern Wei regime was stronger than the Southern dynasties and the economy was developed. The aristocracy often plundered the wealth and resources of the Central Highlands, especially many skilled craftsmen. special functions. They enslave these people. It can be said that the extremely luxurious stone coffin was a witness to the chaotic and complex scene of society at that time.

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