The truth about the virgin belt

The virgin belt used to evaluate the faithfulness of women may not have existed in history.

Dr. David Reuben, a surgeon and surgeon, described the virgin belt as an iron-covered bikini with a front shield to urinate and a two-centimeter-thick metal cover covering the vagina. Before going to war away from home, medieval men used virgin belts to lock their wife's genitals to ensure they could not have sex with others.

According to Reuben, virgin belts are one of the tools designed to oppress women and have been used for many centuries. Metal chastity belts at the museum and gallery are evidence of the Middle Ages , representing the brutality of men in this period.

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Chastity belts are considered a tool to prevent adultery women when their husbands are away from home.(Photo: Devian Tart).

However, recent scholars and historians have sought to prove that virgin belts may have never been used for this purpose. Instead, they exist only in myths.

Albrecht Classen, a professor at the University of Arizona, USA, explains medieval men are more likely to not use virgin belts to control their wives' virginity. Chastity belts have never been documented in the literature and are in conflict with modern medical research. A woman cannot survive after a few days carrying a virgin belt because of health and hygiene issues.

The first drawing depicting the virgin belt born in 1405 in a publication called Bellifortis. But this creation book includes many jokes and Classen believes that the virgin belt is also in those jokes. Most of the later literary works related to virginity belt have allegorical or sarcastic connotations.

Sarah E Bond, associate professor of classical school studies at the University of Iowa, USA, said that 18th and 19th century historians believed the virgin belt was real because it was closely linked to sex, the relationship between the two. gender and power structure in the family.

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The drawing of the belt presented the first period in 1405. (Photo: The Telegraph).

" The fact that the belts represent virginity does not mean they are used to lock out the medieval female genitalia , " Bond wrote. "The chastity belt mainly appears only in the Renaissance novel and early modernity as an evocative image of the Middle Ages before."

The first virgin chastity belts originated in ancient Rome, where the bride wore a white robe and wore a belt to show purity. The belt is tied with a knot so that the husband can remove it later. The male soldiers also wear belts with similar knots. This idea appeared in ancient and medieval times, symbolizing fidelity as well as humility.

"The idea that medieval men lock their wives with metal belts to prevent them from adultery is a mythical perspective set up by modern people to show the lack of civilization in earlier periods," Bond concluded. comment.

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