These applications measure air pollution instead of AirVisual

In addition to AirVisual, many other applications can also display air pollution indicators in many new and innovative sources and ways.

Air Matters

This is an airflow indicator application that comes with some types of filters. However, on this platform, the developer also integrated some data from the US government's

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Air Matters has the same usage as AirVisual.

The user interface of Air Matters is not too different from AirVisual. Therefore, this is considered a good alternative application.


This application gathers data from many sources including government monitoring stations, meteorological stations and European meteorological organizations, CAMS.

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This application displays air pollution levels by color zones.

In addition to providing real-time air readings, this app also displays as a color chart, region. However, the exact location of the stations was not provided.

Pam Air

This is the application with the largest number of measurement stations in Vietnam. Data on AQI index is calculated from two sources by the application.

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Pam Air is the platform with the most measuring stations in Vietnam today.

The first is from air quality sensors manufactured, installed and operated by D&L (application development company PAM Air). The second data source comes from third parties such as Lifeboy, NetNam .

Launched in early 2019, PAM Air has about 80 sensor measuring points in some provinces and cities across the country, including Hanoi about 40 points.


The application takes data from AQICN, the website of the World Air Quality Index Project launched in 2007. AQICN is present in 70 countries, owns 9000 measuring stations and 600 major cities. This large-scale project is supported by experts in the field of environmental science, system engineering, data science, machine learning and visual design.

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This app attributes air pollution to the amount of cigarettes smoked per day for each person.

The ShitISmoke app provides users with another, more impressive, air pollution monitoring unit. The developer attributes the air pollution index to cigarettes. For every 22 micrograms / cubic meter of PM2.5 dust a person inhales daily would be equivalent to a cigarette.

According to Shitismoke, this app wants people to understand air pollution is no different from smoking.


This application also uses data from AQICN. However, they added additional questions to customize the alert level for each user. Some questions such as vehicles, intensity of movement, smoking or not .

At the same time, this application also offers tips to help users protect their health such as planting trees, taking public transport .

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AirLief application allows to customize many health information of users to give appropriate air pollution warning.

At the same time, the metrics for these apps are a little different because they come from different sources. However, the error is only about a warning level. For example, some apps will say "good" , some apps will say "average".

Depending on whether the living area is near the air meter or not, users should consider choosing the application for the most accurate results.

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