This common habit may put the risk of premature death doubling

New research from the UK and Norway has identified a factor that doubles a person's risk of premature death. The good news is that you can compensate with just 24 minutes of proper exercise.

New research from the University of Leicester (UK) and the Norwegian School of Sports Science analyzed health and living data of 36,000 people with an average follow-up of 5.8 years. During the study period, 5.9% of volunteers died.

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Sitting too much in front of the screen makes you die easily, but 24 minutes of working hard enough to take care of the garden beside you can save you - (artwork from the internet)

The results show that static behavior affects the lifespan of a very terrible person. Just the total time you sit more than 9 hours / day, the risk of dying early due to every double cause.

However, the study also found a difficult way for you to compensate for your sitting habits. It is best to try a moderate physical activity such as jogging, sporty brisk walking, tennis or heavy gardening. With 24 minutes of doing the above activities, you can eliminate the risk of premature death that many sitting conditions bring.

If you are only physically active - such as walking, cooking, washing dishes . you will need up to 300 minutes / day (5 hours / day) to be able to compensate for the damage caused by sitting a lot.

But every effort will be difficult to compensate if the total static time exceeds the 9.5 hour / day mark.

Of course, sitting for too long and trying to compensate will not be as good as trying to sit less and intermingle with the minutes between the long, static behavior. These findings only reinforce the saying: "Doing something is better than not doing anything , " said the associate professor - Dr. Charlotte Edwardson (Leicester University), a member of the research team.

The work has just been published in BMJ scientific journal .

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