What are Lotus tokens?

Today 16/9, Lotus - a social network connecting content developed and owned by Vietnamese has officially been launched, making family members gossip. There is a unique new feature that appears to stir people interested. It was Token.

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What is a token ?

The token is the Lotus social energy (MXH) unit , born from the user's activities, aimed at creating great content; access, spread good content to many readers; show interest in and evaluate the content of others in the form of awarding titles .

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Token is Lotus's energy unit on social networks (MXH).

According to Mr. Nguyen The Tan - General Director of VCCorp - high amount of Token will also help content creators on Lotus to develop brand position and cooperate in production, marketing and advertising to make profits for themselves. .

In addition, he also said that Lotus successfully tested the anti-spam token Token (close to the virtual Like) and the effect was quite good.

Thus Token is a new rating unit for each reactivation received from posts , equivalent to the prestige and "genuine" assigned to each person. Tokens can be given and received according to the subjective discretion of each person, meaning the more quality and reliable content will have the opportunity to receive as many Tokens from others.

Most specifically, Token is revealed to be the key to help anyone on Lotus get rich, bring true economic value to themselves based on the content. This will be a mysterious factor that is sought and explored drastically during the first Lotus launch.

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The revealed token will be the key to help anyone on Lotus get rich.

When was the token born?

Token is only generated when users perform activities related to content and interact with the content of Lotus community, for example: reading, listening, watching, commenting . content in Lotus; share other people's content and share that view; create your own content and have views.

A 2-token token account is a temporary token and an available token.

  • Provisional token : is the number of tokens temporarily calculated by the system based on activities that have not been verified for validity.
  • Token availability : is the number of tokens after the system's validation has been verified and users can use it for their activities on Lotus.

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Token is used to give title to post, redeem or voucher .

What are tokens used for?


Use Token to give titles to Post (articles, photos, videos .). The title giver will use a certain amount of tokens, the person who receives the title will receive the title and the token.

Redeem gifts

This product feature will be posted on Lotus in the near future. Join the challenge (Challenge): Users use tokens to participate in the challenge from the playground on the Lotus platform. Prizes are in-kind gifts or tokens that accumulate in your personal account and add achievements to your profile.

Redeem voucher

Businesses that use the Lotus platform offer vouchers (including but not limited to: restaurant discount vouchers, consumer shopping, travel, phone cards, movie tickets, promotional codes, etc.) and Users can redeem tokens for these vouchers. Programs are redeemed from time to time in reality. The value of redemption depends on the time and type of voucher.

Other forms of using / spending Token (for example, running ads .): Constantly updated and published when releasing functions on Lotus.

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