'World War II' treasure unexpectedly found in ancient castle in Poland

First News reported that scientists found a treasure chest in a 14th century castle in Nowy Sacz city of Poland, including: silver cups, vases, cutlery and crockery.

This "treasure" was discovered during archeology at the Royal Castle on Castle Hill.

The treasure is believed to belong to Jewish families living in Nowy Sacz (Poland) before World War II. Local archaeologist Bartolomei Urbansky, who was present at the excavations, said that after the war broke out, all the objects were hidden by the Nazis.

Picture 1 of 'World War II' treasure unexpectedly found in ancient castle in Poland
Scientists 'find' a treasure in the ruins of Nazi castle. (Photo: Stowarzyszenie)

According to statistics, in 1941, the city's Jews were put into slums. In 1942, the slums were demolished, and residents were killed. At that time, the Royal Castle served as a barracks for German soldiers and in 1945 it was occupied by Poles.

In total, archaeologists found 103 silver items made in Poland and Austria. After researching, this  "treasure" will be moved to a local museum.

Earlier, in May, it was reported that dozens of tons of Nazi gold could be stored under a medieval castle in Poland. Specifically, about 28 tons of gold can be located below a palace in Hochberg, Poland.

It is known that in a diary of Nazi officers collected by German and Polish researchers wrote that the treasure with a total of 28 tons of gold (worth $ 1.5 billion) is buried in the the last day of World War II. The treasure included gold bullion, jewelry and gold coins that can lie 60 meters below the Hochberg palace, near the city of Wroclaw, Poland.

The treasure contained the property of Reichsbank, the German central bank ceased operations in 1945. The treasure also included the possessions of the locals living in the area. The reason for burying it was hard because Nazi didn't want the gold to fall into the hands of the Soviet Red Army.

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