Air pollution causes cardiac arrhythmias and blood clots

(Air pollution) - Air pollution is associated with an increased risk of a disease that causes irregular heartbeats and blood clots in the lungs, according to scientists.

Heart experts in the UK said that, so far, the effects of air pollution have increased the risk of heart attack and stroke is unclear. Reports of data analysis in the UK indicate that polluted air only harms older people.

The research team from London School of Tropical Hygiene analyzed data from England and Wales from 2003 to 2009 and found a link between cardiovascular disease and air pollution.

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They proved, that air pollution is closely related to cardiac arrhythmias (irregular heartbeat) and blood clots in the lungs . That connection is most powerful for people over 75 and on women, according to lead researcher Dr. Ai Milojevic.

She added: 'Our main message here is that we do not find concrete evidence that air pollution affects heart attacks and strokes, but these diseases eventually it's just a pattern of clotting blood. '

Commenting on this study, in Heart magazine, UK Heart Heart representative said that previous studies have provided evidence of the presence of polluted air in agents that cause diseases. cardiovascular and blood circulation, including heart disease, and it also causes more harmful effects on the elderly.

However, this study is a bit too far in confirming the relationship between heart disease and air pollution. however, it is undeniable that this connection has no basis. More investigations and research needs to be done to find clearer evidence with this hypothesis.