This device will remove blood clots safely

MegaVac Mechanical Thrombectomy device can handle blood clots and plaques of different sizes. In particular, it does not use batteries but uses the patient's own blood pressure to convert into active energy.

Blood vessels are blocked due to the formation of blood clots that clog the arteries, or plaques that narrow the blood vessels. This causes blood flow to drop or block completely. Consequently, the patient suffers () or suffers.

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Vascular occlusion can cause stroke, heart attack.

The most common treatment for vascular obstruction is the procedure of hot intervention and placing the rack in the artery to create a way for blood to circulate. However, the disadvantage of this measure is high cost and not completely destroy blood clots.

That is the reason for the manufacturer of Vascular Medical Device Capture (USA) to manufacture MegaVac Mechanical Thrombectomy (MegaVac) , a device used to suck blood clots in blood vessels. The advantage of MegaVac is to operate thanks to the patient's own blood pressure, absolutely no need to use the attached power source (such as battery) so it is very compact, less than 2mm in diameter.

The device can operate in large arteries with a diameter of up to 5mm, and can handle many clots and blood clots of varying sizes.

Describe how MegaVac works.

The device has been licensed by FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) since October 2017.