Aspirin is effective against blood clots

Aspirin is similar to Warfarin, which is effective against blood clots, preventing the risk of death, stroke and brain hemorrhage in patients with heart failure.

According to AFP, the conclusion was made in a clinical trial of more than 2,300 patients in 11 countries for 10 years.

Picture 1 of Aspirin is effective against blood clots
Aspirin has a blood-proof effect similar to Warfarin

Heart failure is a condition caused by inefficient heart muscle. Patients with heart failure are at a higher risk of blood clots leading to stroke, severe cerebral hemorrhage that can be fatal or paralyzed.

The results of the 10-year study showed that both Aspirin and Warfarin have anti-blood clotting effects or simply 'blood thinning' in heart failure patients.

However, patients with heart failure must use Warfarin in increasing or decreasing doses according to the doctor's prescription based on the blood clotting test results, combined with a reasonable diet.

Meanwhile, Aspirin is as effective as Warfarin but easier to use and less likely to use Aspirin with bleeding like Warfarin.

The study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine journal on May 3.