Cause and how to handle when water in the car fuel tank

Water in the fuel tank is a rare but uncommon occurrence and can damage your vehicle. To avoid damage to the car because water enters the fuel tank, please join us to find out why the water can enter the fuel tank and its symptoms and solutions.

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How does water get into the fuel tank?

Rain water

Forget to close the fuel tank cap after filling up and then having bad luck in the rain so that the water can fill the tank, this can be encountered with cars and rarely happens with motorcycles, because most of the motorcycle's fuel tank cap is under the saddle. . Remember to check and tighten the cap after filling up.

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There is steam in the air and it can condense into water in unopened gasoline tanks. At normal temperature, a 1000 liter tank can condense about 30ml of water and this can enter your car when we refuel.

Car wash

Keeping the gas cap tightly closed and car washing can also cause water to enter the fuel tank.

Symptoms when gasoline is mixed with water

Failed to start

Water is heavier than gasoline and propels it up, if it enters the fuel tank it will follow the fuel path to the combustion chamber and because the water does not burn, it stops the engine from starting.

Startled, gas is not sweet

Fortunately, the engine will still start, but once the water has entered the combustion chamber, it will hinder the combustion of the gasoline + air mixture, causing the car to accelerate, not sweet, the car is shocked, cough.

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Turn off the device halfway

If more water is pumped into the combustion chamber than the gasoline will hinder the combustion of fuel, causing the car to shutdown midway.

How to treat when water enters the fuel tank

Once you have identified the condition of the water in the fuel tank, you need to troubleshoot as quickly as possible before water damage the engine.

Drain all water mixed with gasoline, pump new fuel

This is not the cheapest way but the simplest way to troubleshoot. Pull out the gas in the tank and, if the amount of water in the tank is too much, leave the tank empty for a while to allow the water to dry before adding new fuel.

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Using additives

Some types of fuel additives, combustion chamber cleaning solutions are capable of cleaning water in fuel tanks and combustors using alcohol-based compounds to remove water, but the effect is not always complete. perfect.

Depending on the specific case, when water is mixed into the fuel tank, it may cause different damages. Please consult your service center or repair shop for advice on how to handle this situation.

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