Close up of robot beautiful Japanese TV announcer

Erica, she, has the ability to speak and communicate in the most transcendent row of robots, and will receive the job of television broadcasters in April.

Erica's father - Dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro has just announced this information but has not yet revealed the name of the recruitment agency Erica.

Picture 1 of Close up of robot beautiful Japanese TV announcer
Close up of beautiful beauty of 23-year-old robot girl Erica - (photo provided by the research team).

First appearing in public in early December 2016, Erica was surprised by the beautiful, elegant, natural face expression and excellent communication ability. She can also recognize the feelings of the opposite person to have proper behavior. Many people who come in contact say that it seems like Erica is a girl with a soul.

Picture 2 of Close up of robot beautiful Japanese TV announcer
Erica interviewed with Hiroshi Ishiguro's biological father - (photo provided by the research team).

However, the fact that Erica really joined the labor market was a surprise to the scientific world. According to Hiroshi Ishiguro, she is not a reading machine but will be a true news announcer, handling the news by thinking and communicating with you like any human colleague.

This is entirely feasible because not only is an expressive robot, Erica is also equipped with an Al - brain with artificial intelligence, which helps her to be independent thinking, able to learn and develop skill.

Picture 3 of Close up of robot beautiful Japanese TV announcer
The girl possesses an AI - brain with artificial intelligence that has the ability to think, learn almost a person - (photo provided by the team).

Erica could not move her arms but she could easily identify who was talking to her and respond. 14 infrared sensors and facial recognition technology also help her capture the mood of the people around.

For 23-year-old Erica to be born, behind Dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro is a team of leading scientists of Osaka University and Kyoto University with a record grant. One of them, Dr. Dylan Glas said, now Erica has learned some jokes and is funny when talking.

Currently the robot girl is continuing to study to be ready for television broadcasting. In addition to the necessary professional knowledge, she was taught to become an emotionally rich, happy, sad girl.

It may sound strange but to the scientific community, it is possible to trust this robot girl because over time, artificial brains from all over the world have proved their superiority. A few years ago, an artificial brain called Alpha Zero surprised its creators by taking only 4 hours to learn and become the world's top chess player. Many other artificial brains are also undertaking criminal data analysis, helping doctors diagnose illnesses .

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