Drop thousands of varieties of seafood you overboard

The management board of Nha Trang Bay MPA today releases thousands of precious seafood varieties into the sea at Hon Mun island area.

Accordingly, 2,000 seahorses, 3,000 ancient cavity fish, 1,000 snails, 300 sea cucumbers are released to Hon Mun area - the core zone of Nha Trang Bay Marine Protected Area.

Among the above breeds, seahorses and red neck cavity produced by Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography by artificial breeding method.

Picture 1 of Drop thousands of varieties of seafood you overboard
Precious seafood varieties are being released into the sea. Photo: Anh Thu

This activity is to respond to Vietnam's biodiversity day on December 29. This is also the third time in 2009, the Management Board of Nha Trang Bay MPA organized this activity, to restore aquatic landscapes and resources.

In addition to the above species, many types of precious seafood such as abalone, lobster . were also released in the previous rounds. For nearly a decade, thanks to the protection, regeneration and enrichment of biodiversity and marine resources, the marine landscape around Hon Mun has recovered markedly.

This facilitates the development and development of services to bring tourists to the bottom of the coral, marine and snorkeling viewfinder, poor fishermen can survive by catching seafood in the bay, helping to go away. as before.

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