France confirmed an additional dinosaur fossil mine

French scientists said the archaeological excavation campaign carried out this summer at the stone sites in Angeac-Charente commune confirmed that the area is one of the largest dinosaur fossil mines. of France.

Picture 1 of France confirmed an additional dinosaur fossil mine
Skull skeleton of dinosaurs. (Artwork: Internet source)

According to the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), Angoulême Museum and the French Museum of Natural History, a total of more than 400 dinosaur skeletons in the mine have been published, including more 200 skeletons of three dinosaurs related to the remains of two turtles and three crocodiles.

These findings occur in fossil classes dating back to 130 million years ago.

According to French scientists, the most impressive remains are the remains of Europe's largest lizard with a thigh bone exceeding 2.4 meters, a detail that reminds scientists about about weight. 40 tons and its 35m length.

The kinship of this predator is still unknown, but its anatomical model recalls the anatomical model of animals during the same period in Spain.