Future wind generators will be located under the sea

British scientists are seeking to bring wind power generators that are located on the ground to the sea to solve energy problems and create new renewable energy sources.

The UK seems to be an unimaginable candidate for a renewable energy revolution. Geographical conditions here do not provide too much sunshine to develop solar batteries, there is not so much vast grassland space to build wind power generators and there are no big rivers. for hydroelectricity. However, England owns a long coastline with tidal currents and fast flowing currents, easily creating a huge energy source.

Picture 1 of Future wind generators will be located under the sea
The turbine wind power generator is expected to apply underwater.(Illustration)

Under these conditions, UK scientists are looking for ways to bring wind power generators, or wind turbines, to the seabed, taking advantage of the flow of tides and currents to solve them. energy issues, development of green renewable energy sources.

Picture 2 of Future wind generators will be located under the sea
These submarine turbines will have the same mechanism of operation as the normal ground wind generator.(Illustration)

Energy companies in Scotland and Wales have seen the potential of underwater electric turbines and predict the development trend of this renewable energy source. With proper exploitation, they can be produced by or even more than conventional wind turbines.

If the pilot project in Scotland's fast-flowing Pentland Firth in the far north of the country is successful, the water turbine generators in this test area are claimed to be able to provide 400,000 households with electricity Scotland. The amount of electricity generated is estimated at 6MW for every 4 turbines.

The density of seawater is 832 times denser than air, which means that wind turbines located under water can be smaller while still producing the same amount of electricity as wind turbines. The turbines can therefore be placed closer together, taking up less space on the sea floor than a similar wind farm on the ground.

Picture 3 of Future wind generators will be located under the sea
Wind turbine-like turbines can use tides and currents to generate energy.(Illustration)

In addition, the installation of undersea wind turbine generators will limit the impact of weather factors, submarine energy farms will have continuous exploitation advantages with greater frequency when exploiting the source. Wind energy, which relies heavily on seasons and weather. Meanwhile, tides and sea currents change regularly 2 times a day and there are few factors that can reach it.

Picture 4 of Future wind generators will be located under the sea
Submarine turbines are less affected by weather than conventional wind generators.(Illustration)

These wind turbines will be placed on the seabed shelf with a depth of about 160m. Many fear that these turbines will affect or kill some marine species if they swim through rotating turbines. In fact, research has shown that underwater turbines spin slowly, much slower than wind turbines on the ground while ensuring energy efficiency, marine species will still be safe to swim through. turbine farm area under this step.

With superior benefits when compared to ground-based wind generators, turbines with the same operating principle when placed on the seabed can be designed to be smaller, more economical and more stable. , high energy production efficiency, less affected by weather factors . This will be a new direction for the development of turbine wind power generators in particular and green renewable energy industry in general. .

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