Loch Ness Monster returns?

The famous Loch Ness lake in Scotland is once again stirred by rumors of the existence of a sea monster living here.

According to The Daily Record, Steve Carrington, a tourist on a trip to Loch Ness Lake accidentally happened to have the opportunity to capture an image of a creature about 2.5m long floating on the water and quickly disappearing.

'It only appeared for a moment and this picture is really lucky for me,' Carrington said.

Picture 1 of Loch Ness Monster returns?
If you look at it far, many people will easily think this is a Loch Ness sea monster. (Photo: Steve Carrington).

Despite taking this photo during his tour of September 2019, Carrington said he didn't see it until the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic caused him to spend more time in socially isolated houses. .

Immediately after posting the photo on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, the appearance of this creature has become a mysterious phenomenon that many people are extremely curious.

However, the mystery of this sea monster was quickly extinguished. As it turns out, the creature in the picture is actually a catfish .

Picture 2 of Loch Ness Monster returns?
The size of the catfish Silurus Glanis can be confusing for many. (Photo: Benjamin Gründer).

Specifically, this catfish was identified as the Silurus Glanis, which was caught by professional anglers in the Po River, Italy in 2018. With a weight of about 130 kg, a length of up to 2.68 m, fish Silurus Glanis can make many people 'goosebumps' look at their own eyes.

With a keen eye, many Twitter users immediately pointed out the similarity of the patterns on the back of the catfish once caught with the creature in the image.

Picture 3 of Loch Ness Monster returns?
The patterns on Silurus Glanis' backs look like human fingerprints, always unique. (Photo: Twitter).

According to the blog Mystery Loch Ness, the author of the photo Steve Carrington is working as a 3D image artist, many sources believe that the photo of Carrington has been edited.

While the theory of a giant catfish living in Loch Ness is considered to be more plausible than that of the legendary sea monster, a survey was conducted earlier, but the researchers claimed They did not find any trace of the existence of catfish.

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