Revealing the secrets of fake doors in the tomb of Pharaoh

Tomb thieves can sneak into the giant Pyramids from 4,500 years ago stirred the curiosity of many researchers , but it seems that their built-in false doors have nothing to do with those rogue.

The ancient Egyptians were very concerned about the intrusion into the resting place to be true. Archaeologists have discovered false tunnels and doors, the maze of entrances and walkways disguised, traps and curses into the design of symbolic structures.

Picture 1 of Revealing the secrets of fake doors in the tomb of Pharaoh
Ancient Egypt with the tombs of the Pharaohs still has many mysteries.

However, there may be another reason, at least fake doors are part of the interior of the great ancient civilization seen at Giza.

Filmmaker and Curtis Ryan Woodside Egyptologist revealed that the fake entrance that the Egyptians built intended seemed different from what we thought. They are specially designed to mentally overcome the present world and to the afterlife. They believed that the soul could come in and the wife of Pharaoh Unas had such a beautiful fake door.

Curtis Ryan Woodside said that, with fake doors , women would write small letters if they were angry with their husbands or they wanted to help with something. Even the color of the messages for souls is also a preserved part. Therefore, it can be said that the false doors are a 'bridge' is more reasonable in avoiding grave theft.

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