Rocket division drifted after heavy rain

Large metal pipes, believed to be part of a ballistic missile, drifted into a village in Siberia, Russia, after a massive flood swept through the area.

According to RT, a large metal pipe was discovered in Altay village in Altai region, south of Western Siberia, the area is suffering from a severe flood. Flood water pushed the metal pipe toward the home of a local traffic cop.

According to some hypotheses, rockets are often launched from Baikanur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan and fly over this Russian region. Therefore, this may be part of an incident missile like Proton-M (launched in May).

Picture 1 of Rocket division drifted after heavy rain
Metal pipes, believed to be parts of intercontinental ballistic missiles, float on the water after a massive flood in Siberia, Russia.(Photo: Twitter)

However, the appearance of metal pipes without a trace of fire or a rocket engine made many believe that it was part of an intercontinental interlocking ballistic missile and was buried in one place. near. Flood water erodes the soil and pushes it toward Altay village.

Space experts identified this as the fuel tank of an intercontinental ballistic missile. In the early 1990s, after the Ministry of Defense decided to cut demand, many similar containers were kept.

After the images were spread on the Internet, many people feared that parts of a ballistic missile could be dangerous to humans. However, according to Aleksey Yaskin, professor of rocket research, this metal tube is just an empty thing with no fuel inside, so it will not be dangerous for the community or other technical concerns.

With many years of research experience, he said this is only an empty part of a rocket engine, possibly left over from the Soviet era, in the Biysk chemical plant area."Such parts can be used in households to store water, or buried in the ground to store wastewater," OTN quoted the professor as saying.

Heavy rains caused flooding in Siberia since early this month, causing many areas to fall into an emergency, nearly 12,000 people were evacuated to other places. Altai is the most affected area.

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