Snake two heads sunbathing in the home garden of Croatia

A Croatian resident found a two-headed cobra lying in the sun in the garden.

Josip Vranic caught a two-headed snake in the garden in the town of Kravarsko, outside the Croatian capital Zagreb, Express yesterday reported."I saw the snake in the garage behind the house. He was sunbathing on the cement floor. I was quite surprised and confused. I couldn't believe I found such a rare animal," Vranic said.

Picture 1 of Snake two heads sunbathing in the home garden of Croatia
Two-headed snake is very rare in nature.(Photo: Barcroft TV).

Vranic placed the snake in a small basket before inviting a friend named Vedran Glavan to take a picture of the animal."People who see the snake in our video do not believe it is real. Some people even think that this is a staging product on the computer," Glavan said.

Double-headed snakes are rare in nature, resulting from a developing embryo that stops dividing halfway, leading to a double-headed mutation named polycephaly . Their survival rate is very low because they easily become predators of predators due to limited movement and two poorly coordinated heads. Therefore, Vranic and Glavan decided to take the snake to the local zoo to increase its chances of survival.

Two-headed snake in Croatia.

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