Turbine giant Selsam

The idea of ​​this huge offshore turbine is designed simply because it eliminates all components that are not directly generating electricity, resulting in a low-cost wind turbine.

Picture 1 of Turbine giant Selsam

The idea of ​​the super turbine offshore of Super turbine company, USA.(Photo: TFOT)

The system, up to 600 meters high, is equipped with many small, synchronous rotors and a total coupling that allows it to tilt, but does not spin. Thanks to this structure, the turbine reacts like a flexible reed in the wind. The addition of a small balloon makes it more efficient.

Selsam's prototype can generate 6,000 watts in a wind of 32.5 miles per hour, providing power efficiently.

'Like a flock of geese, each rotor will have a beneficial effect on the rotor next to it on the line,' explained Super Turbine, a California-based company.

Super Selsam Super Turbines are designed to withstand extreme weather and storms. When necessary, it can lower or sink completely into the water using submerged chambers. It is also not dangerous for passing vessels, because it is relatively light and portable.

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