Successfully built turbine-free turbine

Vortex (Spain) has built a wind turbine to generate electricity in a completely new way. This promises to be a source of clean electricity in the future.

According to Mashable, the Vortex had an extremely bold idea: use a turbine without propellers to generate electricity. The Vortex Bladeness turbine pile will operate according to the oscillating oscillation principle when the wind acts. Vortex generators operate very smoothly, without propellers so it is very safe for birds.

Picture 1 of Successfully built turbine-free turbine
Vortex turbine bladeness.

Vortex says they use magnets to regulate the turbine, the goal being to get as much wind as possible at whatever level. When the turbine pile starts to oscillate, the set of intersecting interchanges acts as a dynamic change of kinetic energy.

According to Vortex, the production of this turbine will be 40% cheaper than traditional wind turbines. The cost-cutting reason is largely due to maintenance work. Since the Vortex turbine has no transmission or gearbox it can operate for long periods of time without the need for periodic lubrication. Simple design also reduces the cost of production by half compared to traditional wind turbines (giant propellers are often expensive).

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