Wind turbine balloons

US researchers have recently introduced a new wind turbine, which can provide cheap electricity and Wi-Fi.

According to Impressive Magazine, the wind turbine was designed according to the BAT (Bouyant airborne turnine) project, inspired by the industrial airship.

Picture 1 of Wind turbine balloons
Wind turbine balloons. (Photo: Impressive Magazine)

The engines of the turbine are designed to be able to use natural wind above. Engine systems can produce twice as much power as turbines built on the ground. The wind turbine is filled with helium gas, allowing it to fly in the air at a maximum altitude of 350 meters.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology say the wind turbines will be used in remote areas, military bases, island communities or temporary shelters. where the main source of power is still based on generators.

In addition to power supply, wind turbines can also act as Wifi, mobile service and even can be used as a weather station.

The balloon-type wind turbine system is expected to be available in developing countries, providing low-cost, environmentally friendly energy and services.

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