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Currently, people have not been able to find a stable source of energy to supply all of humanity. Fossil fuel sources will run out in a day. Energy sources for the future are still in the process of research and development. And the other energy supplies currently in use are still unsatisfactory. But is our Earth really lacking in such an energy supply?

According to recent studies at the Carnegie Institute of Science, it has been shown that just using the energy of wind power on Earth is enough to satisfy the needs of all human use. However, to get enough energy from wind power, we not only rely on wind power stations on the ground but also have to find a way to get wind in the sky.

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These studies were conducted by Kate Marvel, Ben Kravitz and Ken Caldeira. Part of these professors' research is about total energy from wind power, understanding economic efficiency, impact on society and environment of wind power. And of course the main purpose of this study is nothing else to find the potential power of wind power that people have not fully exploited. Finally, the conclusion given by the authors of this study is that wind power can become the only source of energy that people need to maintain daily life, ensuring every need from living to production that almost does not pollute the environment (noise pollution is the only inadequacy of wind power stations).

However, as mentioned above, wind power from underground stations cannot guarantee the amount of electricity needed for humans. It is easy to understand that a certain amount of wind is needed to turn the turbines in a windmill, so only a few areas can install wind turbines to be effective. Moreover, the wind that rotates the turbine when passing through a propeller will greatly reduce the speed and force of this wind flow. Until some point at the turbine yard, the wind will no longer be enough to make the propeller spin any more. Those are the two main reasons why current wind power is unlikely to become our main energy source.

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A solution has been proposed to complete wind power harvesting, which is the Atmospheric Wind Turbine or kite-type Turbine (Kite Turbine). This new wind turbine is created by researchers at Carnegie Institute of Science to overcome the disadvantages of conventional wind turbines. Although only existed in the form of ideas and design models on computers, researchers still have great expectations on the success of Turbine Kite. This new turbine can operate both in the sky and under the ground. When operating underground, it was like assembling a row of normal turbines while flying, kite turbines would be like a kite, connected to the ground by a cable to keep it from flying too far as well. The connecting wire is used to transfer the collected energy to the ground.

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It is estimated that with this new type of turbine, we can acquire 800 terrawatt at about 1400 terraw and ground stations in the atmosphere while today's world energy demand is only 18 terrawatt. With this amount of power, we will no longer have to depend on other power supplies. Combined with the inventions of scientists to convert gasoline-powered gasoline and oil appliances, Kite Turbine can become a clean energy supply worldwide.

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However, as mentioned above, wind after passing the turbine will weaken and slow down. In order to provide enough energy for humans, wind power stations will have to be built in many locations, which will reduce wind speed worldwide. Because the wind is one of the Earth's self-cooling mechanisms as well as the wind, it has a great influence on the creation of rain, so wind turbines will cause global temperatures to rise slightly (about 0.1 degrees Celsius) and have. can reduce about 1% of rainfall on Earth. However, it should be understood that if it is possible to replace the energy sources currently used at this time with wind power, it also means that a small part of human impact in the destruction will be minimized. nature. One effect that Turbine Kite can certainly bring about if that success is to reduce the amount of carbon that other energy sources emit into the air.

Hopefully the research at the Carnagie Institute of Science will be truly successful, the current people not only rely on a sustainable energy source but also a green energy source like what Turbine Kite can bring.

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