The largest wind turbine field in Africa

The largest wind turbine field in Africa in sub-Saharan Africa has just begun operating in Ethipopia, an important step for the continent's renewable energy industry.

The field of wind turbines was inaugurated on October 26, supervised by Germany's Lahmeyer International Company and implemented by Vergnet, France. However, the Ethiopian government insists that the wind field is also a product of the country.

The wind field includes a system of 84 high-tech turbines built on a barren land of Mekelle, Tigray, located more than 700km north of the capital Addis Ababa.

Picture 1 of The largest wind turbine field in Africa
The wind turbine field in Ethiopia consists of 84 high-tech turbines and has a capacity of 120 MW.(Photo:

This project has an investment amount of about 280 million USD, completed after 3 and a half years. The wind turbine field has a capacity of 120MW and produces about 400 million KWh per year.

According to the authorities, the project could bring valuable experience to Ethiopian national companies, as they are building many civil works such as geotechnical investigation agencies, system of roads, turbine facilities and electrical installation projects .

Ethiopia is implementing plans to become the leading renewable energy producer in the region. In the past two years, Ethiopia has built two smaller wind turbine fields near Adama, with a capacity of 51 MW each.

Electricity shortages still exist in many areas of the region. Two-thirds of the population live in sub-Saharan Africa without electricity, 85% of people living in remote areas do not have access to ordinary household electricity.

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