Wind turbine without propeller

Saphon Energy has started green energy for Tunisia by designing wind turbines without the usual propellers.

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This design, inspired by the sails of the ships, promises to use the kinetic energy of the wind to generate electricity, doubling the efficiency and cost to half the conventional style of operation.

Picture 1 of Wind turbine without propeller
Photo: Gizmag

Saphon Energy named the new turbine Saphonian , after a wind god.

According to the design firm, developing this turbine-type turbine is very beneficial for the environment because it does not cause noise, not to hurt the birds, bats.

The Saphir turbine is patented by the Zero-Blade patented technology, which in turn acts on the hydraulic system via the piston to rapidly convert it into electricity and store it in a hydraulic battery system.

According to Gizmag, the removal of traditional rotary propellers and adjustable gears has saved money and significantly reduced electricity costs.

Saphon Energy hopes to bring the technology to market in the next two years.

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