Ultra-small wind turbine for smartphones

Wind turbines based on microelectromechanical technology (MEMS) developed by researchers at the University of Texas at Arlington can convert wind energy into electricity directly supplied to consumer appliances. Low power consumption, including smart phones.

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Picture 1 of Ultra-small wind turbine for smartphones
Photo: Gizmag

According to Prof. JC Chiao and Dr. Smitha Rao, a grain of rice can hold 10 such windmills. Technically, the ultra-small wind turbine is designed with three propellers of 1.8mm diameter and mounted on a shaft of about 2mm high. It includes a mini generator that is connected to the battery of the phone or other electrical appliances.

Despite its small size, this wind turbine is extremely durable due to its unique nickel metal alloy and intelligent aerodynamic design.

The team claims to be able to attach hundreds of wind turbines to the phone case, tablet or other pocket devices so that when the device is running low, users simply hold the device in the air several times. Or put it in the window or fan for a few minutes can be used again.

The research team is now applying for patent for his device, and Professor Chiao hopes the idea will be commercialized, bringing development funds to the engineering department. Prior to that, his team had success with numerous medical innovations that could be useful in medicine, including a mini-sensor that could be inserted into a vein to measure blood pH, to help assess biochemical reactions. in the body.

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