What is Lotus Social Network?

Lotus is a cross-platform social network published by VCCorp Group.

Lotus social network has been researched and developed by VCCorp for the past year with the desire to bring a private social network for Vietnamese people. Immediately access Lotus to get ready to join the social network developed by Vietnamese people.

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Social networking revolves around Lotus content.

Lotus social network is content-centric, with the main purpose being to create a support platform for content producers and individuals to create content to create better quality for people. use.

Users participating in Lotus social network will have new experiences, participate in many challenges, tasks, receive gifts, receive tokens when used, spend tokens in useful ways and spread good values. pretty.

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Vietnamese - Lotus social network.

Lotus Social Network is designed by a team of user experience experts who promise to give users the best experience. Developing this social network is a team of more than 200 technology engineers of VCCorp in the fields of mobile applications, AI, Big Data, Cloud Computing .

Besides, Lotus will also keep up with the trend of AI to select content according to user behavior and preferences. All of these are created with the desire to bring a truly beautiful social network, in accordance with the traditional values ​​of Vietnamese people but will still approach the trends of the world and of the times.

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Content on Lotus social networks.

Highlights of Lotus social network:

  • "Get rich on Lotus" with Token: This is a new review unit for every react received from posts. Anything you do like post status, like, coment, get tokens. The more quality and reliable content, the more tokens you have. Token will be the key to help bring true economic value to users based on content.
  • Privilege for all users: Lotus will be user-focused. Users will be able to manually arrange and master the lively and novel posting methods (images, text and video interlaced) according to their purpose to make an impression. Users can personalize and organize their pages according to their preferences, not restrictive to the fixed format of the application.
  • Authentic sources, open creative networks: Assets, identities as well as authentic content of all Lotus users will be protected against fake news still raging in many places but there is no solution yet. determined.

Currently, the project has raised over VND 700 billion from VCCorp and some domestic investors. In the first phase, the project will continue calling for another 500 billion dong to be ready for forces for long-term development.

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