Why do Japanese people live long after having cancer?

The Japanese do not use spices of chemical origin, limited canning so they are able to cope with dangerous diseases.

The reason why Japanese people live long after having cancer

The rate of new cancer infections in countries is increasing year by year. According to the statistics of the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2018, there were an additional 18 million cases of cancer worldwide.

Cases of infection are getting younger and harder to cure. However, there is still a country with a low prevalence of infection and the ability to extend life after the onset of infection, which is Japan.

Accordingly, the percentage of cancer patients in this country lived for 5 years or more reached 66%. Meanwhile, the same figure in China is 40%.

According to the researchers, the results are related to the diet of the Japanese people :

Use naturally derived sweeteners

Many Japanese prefer to use kelp to cook broth instead of salt and other sweeteners. This natural food not only brings a sweet taste to the dish, but also contains many nutrients for the body such as fiber, iron, calcium, iodine.

A study of over 270,000 people found that people who ate a lot of salt had a 68% increased risk of stomach cancer.

Limit canned foods

Picture 1 of Why do Japanese people live long after having cancer?
Japanese people prefer to eat fresh food over canned foods. (Photo: Coastal Living).

Preserved products contain large amounts of nitrite, one of the reasons for the risk of cancer. It is a substance that helps inhibit bacteria, helping food processed to be longer.

However, if the use of nitrite in excess of the allowed level can affect health, causing cancer of the rectum, pancreas, stomach.

In some supermarkets, the sale of canned products is restricted. Japanese are also famous for their favorite foods made from fresh food such as sushi and sashimi.

Small and high percentage in every meal

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You will be full after eating a Japanese meal, although the amount of food in each dish is not much. (Photo: Pune365).

Japanese people are especially interested in food. They choose fresh quality stuff, beautifully presented.

In addition, the less - many factors are also carefully considered. Accordingly, the amount of food per meal may be small, but the number of meals is large or there are many dishes on the table. 

Japan is surrounded by the sea so people can easily enjoy seafood - a rich food. That is also the reason why the obesity rate in Japan is low, life expectancy is high (average over 80 years old).

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