Learn about the colorful starfish world

In nature, starfish have a multitude of shapes, sizes, and colors, and are found from the coast to deep waters. Few people doubt that starfish - these beautiful creatures transforming magic in the ocean at the bottom of the ocean are extremely greedy meat-eating animals.

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Star skin (Dermasterias imbricata)

Found along the west coast of North America, from Alaska to Mexico, star skin lives in waters about 300 feet deep, eating everything from seaweed to sea cucumber. The most dreadful enemy of skin stars is the sun star.

Sun Star (Solaster Dawsoni)

This is a starfish. It has 8 to 16 arms with vivid colors, usually red or orange. It is found in the northern Pacific, from Japan to Siberia and down the North American coast to California. Sun stars have defensive mechanisms - they possess toxic mucus. 50% of the diet of the sun star is the skin star.

Sunflower Star (Pycnopodia helianthoides)

Star sunflower is the largest starfish in the world, reaching armspan 3.3 feet. They are found along the North American coast, from Alaska to California, but they are the largest in the northern region. Their main food is sea urchins, oysters, snails.

Pink star (Pisaster brevispinus)

As its name suggests, this starfish is pink in color, can reach a giant size in diameter and can weigh up to 2f. Its main food is clam so they are often found in sand or mud. Its soft texture allows it to also cling to corals and rocks where it can live on mussels, pipe worms and oysters.

Sand Star (Choriaster granulatus)

This species is found in shallow waters on coral reefs and rubble where they have abundant food sources such as algae, corals, and dead carcasses.

Astropecten articulatus (Astropecten articulatus)

This star species is royal blue, they are found along the east coast of North America, mainly in the southeast. While it can live up to 700 feet deep, their main food is mollusks. Unlike many other species of starfish, the royal starfish eat its allies.

Starfish Bat (asterina miniata)

This species is also known as bat star because the membrane between its arms looks like bat wings. It is found along the west coast of North America, from Alaska to Baja. While species often have five arms, it can have up to nine hands, and a lot of colors from blue to orange to purple.

Sao Gai (Acanthaster planci)

The name of this species is quite obvious. Their whole body is covered with spikes covered on the surface. These sharp spines have venom. They are found in tropical waters, from the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean and across the Pacific to the west coast of Central America. The food of this star species is coral. This is one of the largest and most voracious starfish in the world.

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