The girl with the syndrome of

An American girl with a rare 'giant' syndrome in the world has suddenly died at 34 years after she has been constantly developing for more than a decade.

According to the Associated Press, at the time of death on January 13, Tanya Angus, 34, from Las Vegas reached 2.18 meters tall and weighed about 181.4kg. She is a victim of a rare disorder called "giant syndrome" , which keeps her body growing.

Picture 1 of The girl with the syndrome of
Tanya Angus was 17 years old (left) and after the syndrome "people
giant " burst out at age 31 (right). (Photo: Barcroft Media)

Karen Strutynski - Tanya's mother told her, her daughter once said: 'Mom, I don't understand why I have this. But I guess God has decided that you can deal with it. '

And Tanya has been working hard to cope with the rare disease, by appearing on special TV shows, news reports to discuss the syndrome, causing her face to become ugly and causing her to suffer from chronic increased pain.

Tanya's condition is the result of excessive production of growth hormone caused by a pituitary cancer of her pituitary. This disorder affects all aspects of her life. From clothes to shoes, jewelry, Tanya has to make her own new items that have the size of 'terrible' to fit her.

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The rare disorder caused Tanya's face to become ugly. (Photo: Barcroft Media)

More than 12 years ago, when she was just over 21 years old, Tanya was considered normal at a height of 1.7 meters and weighed 59kg. She used to have a lover and a supervisor at Walmart store. However, the 'giant' syndrome that started in the heaviest form ever recorded not long after had caused Tanya's life to be tied to a wheelchair, then lost her job and her lover.

Tanya's mother revealed, many people look outside to think her child must use a wheelchair because he does not know how to hold back his weight. However, what they do not know is, Tanya only eats one meal a day and the medications that make her face swell.

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By the time of his death, Tanya was 2.18 meters tall and weighed about 181.4kg. (Photo: Barcroft Media)

For the past 12 years, Tanya has been doing all she can to cope with the 'relentless' disease until her last breath. She underwent three surgeries to remove cancerous tumors but all failed. Experts say that the extreme pressure from being 'inflated' to a gigantic extent made her heart stop beating.

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