Why can't we have a brain transplant?

With current science, we can transplant many other organs such as the pancreas, intestines, thymus, . and among the organs, the kidneys, liver and heart are normally transplanted organs. most often. Even scientists are studying how to replace human organs with 3D models. But there's still one thing that can't be implanted, today let's find out why we can't transplant brain?

The reason we can't have brain surgery

  • In 1954, a kidney transplant was also the first successful organ transplant in a Boston hospital.
  • In 1963, the first human lung transplant was performed at the University of Mississippi.
  • In 1967, the first liver transplant was performed in the US and that same year, a heart transplant was also successful at a hospital in Cape Town, South Africa.

The brain is more complex than any other organ

The brain weighs an average of about 1.5 kg in adults, this is the nerve center that directs all activities of the body. Although the brain is small, it does a lot of work and requires up to 20% of the body's energy.

When we have a heart transplant, surgeons use mechanical pumps to keep blood flowing in the body while the heart is implanted. The heart is newly connected to the main blood vessels and this may take several hours. And the brain is much harder because it connects the nerve fibers from the new brain to the spinal cord. And with a small mistake causing spinal cord injury will bring tremendous consequences such as paralysis.

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In the 1950s, Russian scientist Vladimir Demikhov created what is known as the Frankenstein dog, when he implanted one dog's head on another. Next, the American scientist Robert White had controversy with the head transplant from monkey to monkey, but the monkey was paralyzed due to spinal cord injury and died within days.

Basically it is possible to transplant the brain or head, but successful implementation of the normal living host is the problem. All neurosurgeons seem to agree that when nerves in the central nervous system are cut off they won't be able to reconnect or in other words, current technology doesn't allow that. . With current science, we can only attach the brain to arteries and veins, which keeps the brain alive, you can still think, but it will completely lose feeling and paralysis.

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The old body does not accept the new brain

Another thing is if a brain is placed in another body, it is difficult to synchronize even when all the blood vessels and nerves are fully connected. The immune system does not allow that to happen and forces us to use enormous doses of immunosuppressive drugs to ensure the immune system does not attack the new brain.

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Who will you be after the brain transplant?

No one really knows what will happen when a successful regeneration of the brain in another body? There is a lot of speculation, but the most popular opinion is that the person who is revived is not the brain recipient but the brain donor.

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In short, sooner or later brain transplants will also succeed when science is constantly improving, but another question mark is posed: Should or should not do that?

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