World's first 'artist' robot writes poetry about Dante

On November 28, CNN reported that Oxford University (UK) recently held a poetry reading session for Ai-Da - the world's first "artist" robot.

When it comes to robots, not many people think about the artistic creative side of these artificial intelligence (AI) "machines". But Ai-Da - a new humanoid robot created by scientist Aidan Meller at Oxford University - has become the world's first robot artist.

Picture 1 of World's first 'artist' robot writes poetry about Dante
Robot "artist" Ai-Da created by scientist Aidan Meller - (Image: CNN)

On November 26, Ai-Da had a poetry reading performance in front of the public. This poem was written by Ai-Da herself using an algorithm and honors the late Italian poet Dante.

The reading was held at Oxford's Ashmolean Museum, on the 700th anniversary of Dante's death.

The content of the 48-word poem composed by Ai-Da is an impression of Dante's famous work Divine Comedy.

Ai-Da has 'memorized' the entire piece, then uses an algorithm to draw inspiration from Dante's words to compose using her own vocabulary.

Scientist Meller commented that Ai-Da had composed a very moving poem.

According to this scientist, Aida's ability to imitate human writing is great. "If you read the poem, you won't realize it wasn't written by a man," Meller told CNN.

The scientist also said that the Ai-Da development project is to resolve the ethical controversy in the development of artificial intelligence.

'We are finally realizing that technology has a huge impact on every aspect of our lives. We're trying to figure out what this technology can do, and what it can teach us about ourselves," Meller said.

According to him, one of the main issues he and his team learned during the development of Ai-da is 'how human this robot is' and 'how mechanical we humans are. '.

Mr. Meller explained that because Ai-Da has learned to imitate humans based on our behaviour, her learning also shows how humans tend to repeat actions, words and behavioral patterns according to our needs. habit.

Not only can she read and write poetry, Ai-Da can also draw pictures. Ai-Da did a painting for the Dante exhibition titled "Eyes Wide Shut".

This painting is inspired by an Ai-Da incident encountered in Egypt this past October. The local security forces confiscated Ai-Da and wanted to remove the camera in her eyes due to security concerns.