Air conditioner cum chasing mosquitoes

LG has launched a completely new product market, an ideal combination, air conditioner cum mosquito repellent function.

Picture 1 of Air conditioner cum chasing mosquitoes
Air conditioner chases mosquitoes from LG. (Photo: Gizmag)

The company said that the 'mosquito repellent' line of products is capable of chasing malaria-spreading animals, the disease that kills millions of people every year around the world, with ultrasound at frequency from 30 kHz to 100 kHz. Experimental results show that 'mosquito-repellent' regulation can remove the Anophen mosquitoes that carry malaria up to 82% effectively.

Designed specifically for African countries, the mosquito repellent is equipped with a Tropical Compressor so it can work well in overheated areas with an automatic voltage converter (Super AVS). protect compressor in case of power failure or flooding.

Air purification technology will help regulate new air to remove harmful substances and bacteria in the air.

The price of the product has not been announced, but the product is available in West African countries.

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