Eggplant tops lay potatoes

The new plant is created by gardeners for two types of produce at the same time, with eggplant at the top and potato at the base.

Picture 1 of Eggplant tops lay potatoes
Eggs and Chips for harvesting and eggplant and potatoes.(Photo: Thompson & Morgan).

According to Nature World News, experts conducted experiments with more than 20 varieties of eggplant to select the most suitable variety in size and yield. Next, the tops of eggplant plants are carefully cut and grafted with potato roots to create a double plant.

According to the researchers, grafted trees help save cultivated area and can produce 4 large eggplant fruits and two kilos of potatoes simultaneously. Although eggplant is hard to grow outdoors, the new plant is called "Eggs and Chips" that can grow in almost every place in the garden, patio or balcony.

"Even the smallest sized balcony can be used as a place to grow Egg and Chips. You can put it next to a tomato hybrid - potato and autumn or three vegetables at the same time from two stumps" , production development manager of Thompson & Morgan seed company in Suffork, UK, said.

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