How does artificial intelligence help people to be productive?

Working together helps improve productivity, but it's hard for a group of people to work well together. However, working together with machines will be different.

No one can live alone in society, everyone needs to interact and support each other. In work, too, to increase productivity, people often form a group and assign and help each other to accelerate the process. However, it is not easy for a team to function effectively for a variety of reasons.

Scientists have noticed this and desire to change by applying artificial intelligence. With recent advances in AI, researcher Peter Baeck, head of the Nesta Artificial Intelligence Design Center (UK), said: 'To boost productivity, AI will make better connections to the Different people can sit together and handle a common job. '

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AI will make better connections so that different people can sit together to handle a job.

The biggest factor affecting the sustainability of a group is interaction and coordination among members . 'By using intelligent tools, AI can track team members to make specific recommendations, helping them keep up on schedule and in sync with each other,' says leading expert Anita Woolley on Micro organizations at Carnegie Mellon University said.

So what can artificial intelligence contribute to people working better? Not only does it help us communicate better with each other, and AI can even play a coordinating role for everyone in the team to capture our work.

Focus the ability to grow

Each individual, each machine has many different abilities and skills, but they are rarely exposed in a common work for many reasons. Startup Unanimous AI in San Francisco (USA) has built an idea platform that starts from the fact that bees, they exploit the ability of each individual in the herd very effectively.

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Many technology companies are learning ideas from how bees work to increase productivity for humans. (Image: Getty Images).

In the wild, bees work in a process that repeats and interacts with other individuals in real time, working well together by promoting all their abilities in the same way. moment with the pack.

For people, we have more impactful actions that make it difficult to accomplish this; As for machines, they are not effectively connected to each other, causing the power to decay.

Unanimous AI develops an analytics system that tracks the behavior of each individual in the collective, and from there uses a variety of methods to promote each person's abilities at the right time. Customers using the company's products reported a 36% increase in efficiency.

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Unanimous AI creates a tool to help reduce the error rate when diagnosing diseases through radiology. (Image: Getty Images).

In the same way, Credit Suisse created an AI platform that could focus its potential over a period of time, resulting in a product that helped Disney predict the success rate of upcoming movies in each market. school; or the company also works with Stanford Medical School to increase the X-ray diagnosis of pneumonia for doctors.

Building a strong human team

Gathering the resources to create a bigger and bigger power is a lot easier to put people together into a united group. Anita Woolley, an expert on human behavior, ran three AI tools.

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Expert Anita Woolley is working hard to bring AI into the collective work together.

She uses three platforms for three different teams: one that gives real-time feedback on the performance and progress of each person, one that assigns tasks according to the capacity of the members, the other is The chatbot automatically talks about the individual's skills and expertise.

After a period of testing, it turned out that the first tool to donate caused everything to fail because creating virtual achievement disease led to pressure, the second created many unnecessary new tasks that increased the pressure. Only the ultimate platform can work effectively, because it can talk to people and create real value.

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A robot is acting as humanly as possible after being loaded into lessons about human society. (Image: Getty Images).

Why did research fail? Because AI works very fast and can process tons of data in a very short time, humans cannot keep up with its pace. The researchers acknowledge that this problem will be overcome when we humanize AI, helping it understand how human society works.

Socializing artificial intelligence

At the present time, computers are not smart enough and sophisticated enough as humans in social matters. Combining the good side of humankind with AI will bring a superior product, but we can't do it right now and it is also risky.

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Factmata representative is talking about his artificial intelligence testing tool.

The Startup Factmata in London (UK) builds censorship AI using the intellect of 2,000 experts from researchers, analysts to journalists. The system can then quickly analyze thousands of natural language articles and make judgments, such as false, unreliable, or hateful language.

It is clear from this study that when human intelligence works together, it creates great power and solves many problems in a short time. There are many other studies done using AI to collect 'human brains' , such as the Carnegie Mellon team of scientists who created the Covid-19 prediction tool from the knowledge of doctors and analysts.

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The office of the future is a place where people and artificial intelligence work together to achieve the highest results. (Photo: BI).

In the near future, artificial intelligence will be developed in a more human way, they will understand more knowledge of society instead of nature, can behave like humans and thereby help individuals in a team to achieve goals quickly without pressure.

'This world has so many talented people but they do many different jobs, in many different places. If we can help them work together, we will solve many global challenges, such as climate change or the Covid-19 pandemic , ' Woolley said.

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