7,000 km journey to transport 70m wind turbine blades

The 70m long wind turbine blades are shipped from China to the 50MW wind farm in Kazakhstan with a distance of up to 7000km.

Wind turbines 70m long, more than half the length of the football field, were transported by truck from Tianjin, China in late April. The journey will end at a 50MW wind farm in Kostanay, northwestern Kazakhstan. It is expected that this 7000km long journey will end by the end of June. Before that, experts have calculated and considered the condition of the road, the angle, the height of the tunnel . of the journey for many months. The huge size of the turbine requires careful transportation, no errors are allowed.


Wind turbines are made by Chinese green energy development company, Universal Energy. They are expected to be installed by the end of July. So far Universal Energy has built and operated 6 wind and solar power farms in Kazakhstan.

Wind turbine is a mechanical device used to convert wind kinetic energy into mechanical energy. The airflow pushes the turbine blades, the mechanical energy of that movement is transmitted along the turbine axis and rotates the other components of the generator, generating clean energy (renewable energy).

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