Ideas are Photoshop but these blue bananas are real

The green bananas do, but they are real men.

There was a time when bananas were a rare and expensive item, especially when it was imported to places that could not be grown. Not so today, bananas are so common, that we are bored to eat.

But have you ever seen a blue banana ?

Picture 1 of Ideas are Photoshop but these blue bananas are real
This banana is called "java green banana".

If you think this is a Photoshop product, you're wrong. Blue bananas are real, and will be what brings this fruit back to its predecessor's centuries.

This banana is called "java green banana" , bearing the color of silver is very characteristic when not ripe by a layer of wax covering the banana peel. Not only the special appearance, the taste of banana is also delicious. When peeled like normal bananas, many people said they tasted like vanilla, so the bananas were also called "banana ice cream" . In addition, they are also used to make smoothies, or you just need to throw a fruit into the freezer compartment to have a super natural ice cream.

Gradually become more popular

Blue bananas are native species like Australia, on the island of Hawaii and some territories in Asia, but in fairly limited quantities. Even the amount sold, or you have to go to . Hawaii to buy, or go to a distribution company but have to buy in bulk, not retail.

However, in recent years things are gradually changing, thanks to the popularity of technology and the Internet. Currently, a greenery retail company is providing this green banana variety on Amazon, for only about $ 30. The same thing as other bananas, the blue banana tree itself is quite tall, with a height of up to 5m, it should have enough space to afford it.

  • What happens if you eat a green banana every day?
  • Just eat 3 bananas you will have 900 USD, the problem is you dare to eat?
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